To be honest, I'm a little bit tired of this trend. I like it but... I think I've already seen too much of the same thing. But what I think is not important because this is a trend! If you're not tired of it as I am, you have green light to use it!
So, I'm sorry for the poor quality of this post, but it's school time so it's harder to make prettier things, but we'll try, though.

From left to right, upper row first and downer last:
Marc by Marc Jacobs, Reed Krakoff, Dolce & Gabbana, Miu Miu, ZARA (69.95€), (TOPSHOP 68£)
All the pictures are from Net-a-porter.com, except the last two which are from Zara.com and from TOPSHOP.COM

Now, here is the main part of this post. I decided to creat a look with this trend. Here is the same look but one is more expensive and the other is cheaper. Can you guess which one is what?

So, the first one is the cheap one!

H&M Jeans – 39.95€, TOPSHOP Top – 48£ (almost 55€), TOPSHOP Blazer – 65£ (almost 74€), TOPSHOP Wedges – 68£ (almost 77€), ZARA BAG – 49.95€
TOTAL: 295.90€
All the pictures are from the respective brands' website
And this is the expensive one! Way expensive, actually!

Current/Elliott jeans 230.13€ - , Lanvin Top – 895€, Helmut Lang Blazer – 580€, Surface to Air – 310€, Reed Krakoff bag – 1000€
TOTAL: 3015.13€
All the pictures are from Net-a-porter.com
CHEAP ONE: 295,90€

If you buy the cheap example, you save 2719,23!!!!

Too much maths?!?!?! Yeah! I think so, but I just want to share my point of view. You don't need to wear expensive clothes to be in fashion. If you can afford that, that's fine. If you can't, that's fine too. The most important thing is to wear what you like (and of course, what's in fashion).
Hope you've liked it!
Take care.


  1. wow I just discovered your blog and really like it. Think you have great style and am following now! Definitely a new fan! You are very inspiring
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  2. Glad you like it! Thanks for following us. We are already following your blog.

  3. I can barely tell the difference between the high and low versions, great job!

  4. I actually really like shoes with laces haha. Especially wedges :) I'm bying Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes tomorrow though, can't fucking wait <3 !!!
    Like your blog a lot



  5. i actually prefer the cheap one, yay! the sweater in it is awesome.


  6. Oh! The Jeffrey Campbell are an exception! I love them too. As I said, I don't dislike this type of shoes. To be honest I'm thinking about buying one pair this season. I still haven't seen the perfect pair, you know? But Jeffrey Campbell are a great choice! They are different. I'm tired of seeing the same thing.

    Sooz, glad you like the cheap one!

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  9. The two sets of outfits seem alike. We didn't recognized that the first one was way more cheaper than the other. Price really doesn't matter as long as your comfortable and confident with it. :)

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