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Look at this picture.

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Do you think that the Balenciaga show was such a good show that even deserved a standing ovation? Hmmm, no! That's not true. The truth is that moments before the show started, the seats fell and the front rows had  to stand throughout the show. It is even more funny to see names  as Anna Wintour or Grace Codington in this picture.



To be honest, I'm a little bit tired of this trend. I like it but... I think I've already seen too much of the same thing. But what I think is not important because this is a trend! If you're not tired of it as I am, you have green light to use it!
So, I'm sorry for the poor quality of this post, but it's school time so it's harder to make prettier things, but we'll try, though.

From left to right, upper row first and downer last:
Marc by Marc Jacobs, Reed Krakoff, Dolce & Gabbana, Miu Miu, ZARA (69.95€), (TOPSHOP 68£)
All the pictures are from Net-a-porter.com, except the last two which are from Zara.com and from TOPSHOP.COM

Now, here is the main part of this post. I decided to creat a look with this trend. Here is the same look but one is more expensive and the other is cheaper. Can you guess which one is what?

So, the first one is the cheap one!

H&M Jeans – 39.95€, TOPSHOP Top – 48£ (almost 55€), TOPSHOP Blazer – 65£ (almost 74€), TOPSHOP Wedges – 68£ (almost 77€), ZARA BAG – 49.95€
TOTAL: 295.90€
All the pictures are from the respective brands' website
And this is the expensive one! Way expensive, actually!

Current/Elliott jeans 230.13€ - , Lanvin Top – 895€, Helmut Lang Blazer – 580€, Surface to Air – 310€, Reed Krakoff bag – 1000€
TOTAL: 3015.13€
All the pictures are from Net-a-porter.com
CHEAP ONE: 295,90€

If you buy the cheap example, you save 2719,23!!!!

Too much maths?!?!?! Yeah! I think so, but I just want to share my point of view. You don't need to wear expensive clothes to be in fashion. If you can afford that, that's fine. If you can't, that's fine too. The most important thing is to wear what you like (and of course, what's in fashion).
Hope you've liked it!
Take care.



Glitter and shine should be your best friends this season! All around the most famous runways, there were seen models walking beautiful outfits shining, shining and shining. Who doesn't remember the Dolce & Gabbana show? Hum?
I love this trend and I'm tottaly addicted to it. In fact, my outfit to the FNO Lisbon had this trend. I wore a beautiful sparkling tank top and a shining clutch.
I believe this trend shoudn't be worn as a total look. It can look predictable and also boring, or even tacky. You don't want your outfit to look tacky, do you?
So, a squence top is okay, but pairing it with a squence pants shall be a very carefull operation. Remember: LESS IS MORE!
To state your trend you don't need to wear it a lot. Sometimes a clutch or a pair of shoes are enough.

1 – Calvin Klein Collection, 2 – Matthew Williamson, 3 – ACNE, 4 – Antik Batik, 5 – Antik Batik, 6 – DKNY, 7 – Michael Michael Kors, 8 – Dolce & Gabbana, 9 – Lanvin, 10 – Givenchy, 11 – Vionnet, 12 – Vince, 13 – Vivienne Westwood Red Label, 14 – Anya Hindmarch, 15 – Rachel Gilbert, 16 – Elizabeth and James
The clothing pictures are from Net-a-porte.com and the runway pictures are from Style.com

1 – Matthew Williamson, 2 – By Malene Birger, 3 – Vince, 4 – Marc by Marc Jacobs, 5 – Marc Jacobs, 6 – Alice + Olivia, 7 – Pedro Garcia, 8 – Dolce & Gabbana, 9 – Hervé Léger, 10 – Moschino, 11 – KAUFMANFRANCO, 12 – Balmain, 13 – ACNE, 14 – ETRO, 15 – Lanvin, 16 – Tory Burch, 17 – MIU MIU, 18 – Haute Hippie, 19 – Faith Connxion
The clothing pictures are from Net-a-porte.comand the runway pictures are from Style.com
Here are some cheaper clothes.I think some of them are not too cheap, but at least they are cheaper then the others I presented to you. Enjoy it!

1 – ZARA Jacket [69.95€], 2 – ZARA Jacket [99.95€], 3 – TOPSHOP Shoes [60£   ̴ 70€], 4 – TOPSHOP Dress [59£   ̴ 69€], 5 – ZARA Pants [29.95€], 6 – ZARA Skirt [49.95€], 7 – ZARA Dress [79.95€], 8 – ZARA Dress [99.95€], 9 – Miss KG shoes [ 108.97€], 10 – ZARA Shoe [49.95€], 11 – ZARA Shoe [39.95€], 12 – ZARA Shoe [49.95€], 13 -  ZARA Shoe [49.95€], 14 – ZARA Clutch [49.95€]
The ZARA pictures are from ZARA.COM, the TOPSHOP pictures are from TOPSHOP.COM and the Miss KG shoe can be found at ASOS.COM

Hope you have a great week!
Our school is going to start this Wednesday... snif, snif...



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