1 - Emilio Pucci (Net-a-porter.com); 
2 - Sara Sampaio wearing Elisabeth Teixeira; 
3 - Dree Hemingway wearing Dolce & Gabbana (Vogue.com); 
4 and 5 - Dolce & Gabbana (Style.com);
6 - Freida Pinto; 
7 - Selena Gomez wearing Dolce & Gabbana; 
8 - H&M; 9 - Prada (style.com); 10 - Topshop; 11 - Versace (style.com)
[I do not own any of these pictures. Those that don't have any reference is because I coudn't find it]

This summer crop tops are a must-have
You won't get in any troubles by showing off a little bit of your belly, I can assure you.
Designers went crazy with this trend and so did celebrities after them.
What used to be a symbol of sexiness is now something cool, funny, ellegant 
but still sexy

The truth is that we no longer look at this trend as just something sexy. 
Now, we can see the beauty of it. 
But obviously it depends on the way you're wearing it:

If you want something more cute, more girly girl, you can go for a crop top and an A-line Skirt, like Freida Pinto and Selena Gomez did.
If you're looking for something more sexy, more adult, you can go for a crop top and a pencil skirt, like Sara Sampaio did.

You can also pair it with pants, jeans, or shorts.

Picture from Style Bubble

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    Hey Miss!
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  2. Very interesting this new trend! A lot like Old School '90es!

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