3.1 Phillip Lim (yellow shirt), Michael Michael Kors (skirt and jacket), Jimmy Choo (boots), 
Proenza Schouler (bag) and Wolford (socks)
All the pictures are from Net-a-porter.com

I started putting this outfit out by choosing the skirt. Then, I was thinking about what top I should wear and I thought a yellow shirt would be a nice choice. The shirt is supposed to be worn under the skirt, but not to close to your skin, give it a little movement. After choosing these two pieces, I found this boots (which I love!!!) and I thought they would give this outfit a casual look, not too chic. I also love that kind of "squared" jackets and I found this one of Michael Michael Kors. I didn't want the bag to be too matchy matchy, but I guess this one is perfect for what I wanted.

Fashion Trends: 

Glitter (skirt and jacket), yellow (shirt), male style (boots) and structured bag.



I had never in my life celebrated halloween and I'm not thinking of doing so. In my country it's not that important. So why am I talking about Halloween? Because I found this picture which I love and it's perfect for this theme!

From here.

Who can resist a CHANEL pumpkin?!?! I can't!

I'm sorry for not being posting as much as I used to, but school is stealing all of my time.
Anyways, tomorrow I'll post something new!

Have a nice Friday!



There is something about these boots! I don't know if I can resist them! This year I was thinking about buying something like this and some wedges but I'm still looking for the best.

The pictures are from the respective webstites, except the YSL picture which is from Net-a-porter.com

They don't go with my style, but I guess it's time to make some changes. They look so practical and comfy... And they go with pants, shorts, skirts or dresses! There are no dress codes for them, they go with everything.

Chiara from The Blonde Salad has a pair of boots that I really like! 

This picture is from her blog. I love how these boots can be so chic! OMG! I love them!

Have a nice weekend!



I've been thinking about posting something about this fashion show for a long time. It was so amazing! When I first saw the carousel with all the models I almost died. It was beautiful. There are just a few designers who can prepare such a big show without "hiding" their collection behind all the scenarios. So, congratulations Marc Jacobs!

The collection was based on soft colours: blues, greens, yelows and pinks; and a bit of a dark blue.
It is feminin and chic. It is not the opposite of the last summer because it still has colour but it's more soft and more fresh.

Baby Blue 

 "Baby" Green


Dark Blue 

Something like Purple 


 Metallic Baby Blue

A bit of Black and White 



Ending up with Kate Moss 

And finally the artist: MARC JABOBS

All the pictures are from Style.com

Have a nice week!



Today we went to the second day of Lisbon Fashion Week. We attended to the V!tor and to the Luís Buchinho fashion show. Both great, both different.

It was great to finish school and go straight up to a fashion show. I can't say it was relaxing but kind of.

I was wearing H&M sandals, Jeans from Levis, a H&M Jacket and an Alexander Mcqueen T-Shirt. The bag is from ZARA.

And here we are spotted on Vogue PT!
Bad quality. It might be a picture of an iPhone or something.

Have a nice weekend!


Back to Portugal

Hi! I'm back to Portugal, which means I'm back to school, which means that I'm depressed...
These days off were awesome! But now it's time to get back to work.
I'm super tired because I only slept 4 hours and took 2 aircrafts. Jesus! But I still have time to share this amazing video of the V&R SS 2012 Collection. What do you think about it?

Have a nice week!


MERHABA [Hi in Turkish]

I'm in Turkey again. Just for you to know, I'm Portuguese but my life is divided between Turkey and Portugal during the last, this and the next year.

I don't want this blog to get too personal. A lot of people post pics of them showing what they're wearing but I want this blog to be your online magazine. I want it to have a little bit of everything.

I couldn't resist showing you these pics!!! This time we went to Pamukkale! It was beautiful! I've never in my life seen something like this! There you can forget about your troubles, about your business, about everything that bothers you.

Pamukkale means "cotton castle" in Turkish.
The white "thing" that you see is not snow! It's limestone!

Our feet with limestone on it!

The view! Amazing!

These are the turkish ladies - they were working there, cleaning it.

And this is me rubbing the limestone in my leg.

I was wearing a blue dress from H&M. But I only had pics with my family and I didn't want the entire world to see them. My dress was something like this picture. This is a T-BAGS dress from Net-a-porter.com


Have a nice weekend!