From left to right:
Victoria Beckham, Versace, Tommy Hilfiger, Rachel Roy, Nina Ricci,
Alexandre Herchcovitch, Aquilano Rimondi, Christian Dior, Costume National,
Carolina Herrera, Giambattista Valli, Fendi, Issa, Haider Ackermann, Michael Kors, Loewe, Jil Sander.
All the pictures are from Style.com

One of the fashion trends for this season is the colors. I personally love this trend. It is very fresh, very summer! This season don't be afraid of matching orange with pink or with yellow. Just do it!
I think there isn't much to say about this. The images talk by themselves. You may match all the colors [I'm talking about the trendy colors, of course] or wear a total look, wich means that you may wear only one color.
Here are two looks you can wear:

All the pictures are from Net-a-porter.com

The Zara pictures are from Zara.com
The clutch is from Net-a-porter.com

Have a nice weekend!!!



It was in the Big Apple that Karl Lagerfeld debuted the first of an advertisement's series made ​​by himself. Here it is:

It looks delicious!!!



A while ago I posted here the new shoes from Christian Louboutin wich reminded me the Wonder Woman. A reader of our blog asked me for some outfits with these shoes. I thought it was going to be hard [which actually was] because these shoes are not normal shoes and you can look amazing with them but also ridiculous.
So the best thing you can do is to wear something white because you want the shoes to be the main piece of the look. Don't think about mathcing the shoes with blue and red because that's not gonna work. I'm sure that with a white dress or a white top and jeans you will look amazing!

Here are the looks:

The pictures are from Net-a-porter.com and the shoes are from the Christian Louboutin Web Site

Hope you've enjoyed it as much as I did!


Turkey - Day 6

This is the outfit I am wearing today:

All the images are from Net-a-porter.com

Elveda [Bye in Turkish]


Turkey - Day 5

I'm still in Turkey! During the night rained a lot and we were thinking about visit a place near Izmir but we thought it wasn't good idea because it could start raining again so we decided to go to the mall! Here is the outfit I used. I must remember again that some of these clothes are not the ones I wore and these pictures are all from Net-a-porter.com

Take Care!


Tukey - Day 4

It's raining but you can still look fabulous!

All the images are from Net-a-porter.com
Hope you're weekend was as great as mine!

Turkey - Day 3

Another day, another outfit. Here it is:

All the images are from Net-a-porter.com

Have a nice weekend!

Turkey - Day 2

It doesn't seem my second time here in Turkey. I feel like I am seeing things I have never seen in my life. Today we went to a market wich we have already been once. It was very funny to see all of those terrific dresses. They love sparklings and super high heels. I was also amazed with all the "genuine" fake brands. Dior, Gucci, Prada, Christian Louboutin! All fake but still amazing! Here they are not bothered if it's fake or not, if they like it they buy it and that's all. I like their relaxed mood. As Rachel Zoe says: "I die for it!". I actually didn't "die" for our lunch! Bilhac! It was disgusting! Hope to eat a bit better tonight.

So, this is the look I am wearing today:

All the images are from Net-a-porter.com


Turkey - In the airport and day 1

I haven't been posting for a while because I've been a bit busy with my trip to Turkey. Yes, I'm in Turkey on vacations. This ain't my first time here, it's actually the second one. I arrived yesterday. No, I'm not going to bother you with my trip's little details but I will please you [I hope]  with the looks I've been wearing.

So, for my travel [by plane, of course] to Turkey I choosed this outfit:

I forgot to put my necklace and my handbag. But they were pretty normal: a metallic necklace and a grey XXL handbag.

Today, when I woke up it was raining so I had to pick up something a bit more warmy.
I also weared a coat because of the rain. And as you can see my Black Converse are always with me. I've also brough my Grey Converse but I still have 9 days left. People say Converse are not comfy but I have to disagree, when I am on this type of vacations I always bring my Converse!
I MUST say that this clothes ARE NOT mine. I took this clothes from net-a-porter.com just to show you kind of what I was wearing.
Have a nice rest of week!


DSTONE is already a trademark!!!

Today we registered our trademark. Now DSTONE is ours and only ours. Isn't that cool?!?!
We are super happy! We even had a lunch date to comemorate!!

To wear on this super important day I choosed my ALEXANDER MCQUEEN T-Shirt which I think has given us a lot of luck!

Alexander McQueen 
From: Net-a-porter.com

I don't have here the pictures of me wearing it, but I'll show you kinda how my outfit looked like.

The All Star picture is from summeremotions.blogs.sapo
All the other pictures are from Net-a-porter.com

I wore the shirt opened over the Alexander McQueen T-Shirt.

Hope you've liked it!

Facebook and Twitter

We are finally on Facebook and on Twitter!!!
Search our name [DSTONE Magazine] there.



I know Portugal is on crisis so what we need now is a hero!!!

Thanks God Louboutin heard my prays and created a pair of heels, a pair of sneakers and a clutch! And adding to all of this M.A.C made [some time ago] a make up collection with the Wonder Woman.

Have fun!!


Diet Coke

I know Coca-Cola has already done a tribute to fashion once, but they are back again. Karl Lagerfeld has desined a brand new coke bottle and Coco Rocha is the model again. Isn't that funny? My favorite designer desined a bottle for my favorite drink and the person who is the image of all of this is my favorite model!!! Gosh, It seems it was made for me!

From Portuguese Vogue Blog

Have a nice weekend!



Here are ten trends for you hair! Enjoy it!

The photos are from style.com
The pictures are from ClipArt