Summer is almost gone but there is still a trend that I haven't talken about yet and it might stay a little longer for next season: MAXI EARRINGS!
I usually don't wear earrings but I have to admit that there are people who they fit perfectly!
Beyoncé is just one of that people. 


Pictures from: blog.sanpfashion.co.uk, highsnobette.com, 
fashionbombdaily.com, welcometoplanetcynthia.com

Here are some of my favourites:

Tom Binns 648€, Bijoux Heart 341.52€, Kenneth Jay Lane 128.07€, Marni 300€, 
J.Crew 47€, Tom Binns 396.42€, Miu Miu 182.96€, Marni 230€
All pictures from Net-a-porter.com

This summer it was all about mixing things. Next season it is about matching. 
If you do like to wear this type of earrings, since they stand out so much, you have to make sure they stand out for matching and not for being a different piece in an outfit that is all about admixtures. 
This doesn't mean that they can't stand out or be a different piece. It means they shall match with something or be an add if it is a total or semi total look. [Remember I'm talking about next season].

The Dolce & Gabbana show for next Fall is a great example. As you can see, the maxi earrings match with all the look.

Picture from Style.com

For this summer Dolce & Gabbana presented patterned dresses with maxi earrings but as you can see the maxi earrings are not of the same colour of the dress. They mix but not match.

Picture from Style.com




Designers of the biggest brands, such as Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Balmain, Gucci, Marni, 
Prada as well as many others, have offered us a “Brigade of Brocades” as Style.com named it.

                Accessories and ornaments have always been a people’s social and economic status. In the last years, the status was more about the materials and also the designer we were wearing. This Fall I believe we are getting back to the ornaments festival. 



When I think about this trend I immediately remember Lanvin’s fashion show and the great ornamented above the knee grey dress that came in thirty-third place on the show. That fashion show was amazing but this piece made me ascend to heaven.


                Another fashion show that illustrates this trend so well is the Balmain fashion show. The fourth dress walked by Julia Frauche was full of appliqués including pearls and flowers in the middle of the chest. Anna Selezneva, number six of this fashion show, was the model who carried a great jacket which reminded me the Portuguese and Spanish bullfighters’ jackets.


                Brocades and appliqués have taken the runway to another level. This trend made everything look fancier and prettier.

                Last year the fashion world was talking about glitter and metallic clothes. This year that trend is still a trend but more soft. Brocades and appliqués are definitely our SWAT team. They rescue us of this depressed mood and put a smile on our faces. That is why I like fashion so much.

All the pictures are from Style.com




Here are my choices for this week:

The Topshop pictures are from Topshop.com and all the others are from Net-a-porter.com

LOAFERS, PEPLUM TOPS and SHORTS are a must have. 

Remember that not all types of shorts, tops and loafers 
go with everyone's sillouette and everyone's personality. 
Make sure you choose those that fit you better. 
These three are a must have but if you don't feel okay with them then do not buy them. 

When it comes to buy something I always think to myself:
It doesn't matter if I have it, it matters if I wear it.



This is the last trend for this Summer that I'm going to talk about.

Designers have taken their inspirations out of the sea but this time they got a lot more literal than usual.

This summer it is not about the sailor style. It is more about starfish or seahorses than blue stripes and anchors.

Purse - Maricel Soriano; Necklace and Ring - Bershka
The two runway models - Versace; Starfish Sandals - Miu Miu; Jumpsuit - AX Paris; Purse - Marchesa; Seahorse Sandals - Miu Miu; Model in a dress - ZARA 




Hey y'all!

It has been a long time since our last post! This summer I've been up to so many things that I can't even find time for the blog! Finally, I found some free time in my busy schedule to post something here.

Each week I'll show you my favourite pieces at the moment.

Here are my choices for this week!

The PEPLUM TOP is a must have for this summer! I personally like to wear peplum tops because they have an original shape. It costs 24£ which is around 30€.

I'm also in love with the Nicholas Kirkwood pumps. They are also original. The colours are great for summer and winter too. And they seem pretty comfy
They are not to high and the heel seems great to walk.

The topshop shorts are a great choice for summer but also for the next season. They give you a casual chic look and for only 32£ [around 40€] you can have a comfy and glam outifit. This type of shorts may be seen at almost any shop. Paired with high-heeled sandals or with loafers they will look great!

Also, for this Fall/Winter the knit sweaters are a great choice. They may be more simple or patterned. It is up to you!

The bracelet is also a choice of mine because of the bright colours it has! 

Stay tuned for more posts during this week!