If you need any inspiration for your looks next Fall, just go find some ideas in the Rebecca Minkoff's collection.
This season, the designer kept it very simple. No complicated ideas at all.
The theme was the well known girl-meets-boy; very casual, very easy.
As Brittany Adams said,  what Rebecca presented to us was some really "cool, fashion-forward clothes and accessories to wear on an everyday basis".
Lots of skirts, such as pencil skirts or even asymmetrical.
The coats looked incredible in assorted colors, such as beige, pink, gray, dark teal and blue. Obviously, there was also plenty bomber jackets, ready to fulfill any stylish girl's wishes.
With such a wide-ranging palette of colors it is impossible to fall in love with Minkoff's collection.

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Nicky Zimmermann deserves a lot of bows.
This designer is the dream of any romantic girl out there. And who said pink is the only romantic color? What about Bondi Blue? We already saw this color at the BCBG Max Azria fashion show, but here it appears in a much bigger scale. My reaction to it: I love it! It is such a bubbly color but goes so well with the Winter mood. Couldn't ask for a better pallet for next year!
Oversized coats and biker jackets were also very seen in this fashion show. Will this be a trend? Personally, I wouldn't mind it. If the look is getting too chic or too formal, you can always add a maxi coat and it instantly gets cooler.
I believe the main stars of this fashion show were the silhouettes. There were just so many but looked so right. The problem of presenting too many silhouettes or too many fabrics, as seen in this show, is that the collection may not look that cohesive, but, in this case, everything looked great together.
The little bows models were wearing on their necks gave that "somethin', somethin'" to the fashion show.

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Nicholas K is not the kind of brand where you see "pretty" things but it is definitely the brand that will cheer you with the most edgy ones.
Christopher and Nicholas Kunz are not the typical designers that surprise the audience every single season. As Lauren Sherman said on Style.com, "it can be repetitive season upon season, but that doesn't mean it's not good". We can confirm it just by looking at their models. 
What distinguished this collection from the others, in other words, the newness of this collection was the use of denim.  The siblings used it pretty much and, according to Nicholas, they did it in their own way.
But where did they get their inspiration?
We don't even need to talk to any of them in order to understand what inspired them. Their collection talks by themselves: the Honneywell boots, the bunched sweatpants, the chunky cardigans, the nautical rope bracelets... Want more?
Their inspiration was very nautical. They basically retracted the "life of commercial fishermen", as Lauren Sherman said.
Their pallet was pretty much we are used to see, not only from them but from many designers, black, grey, white, navy blue, burgundy and brown.

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The collection had a very urban vibe that we are so used to coming from these designers.



After a huge break, we are back!
And Fashion Week is what's putting us back on track.
Let's start with one of the first fashion shows: BCBG Max Azria.

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This is the kind of brand that as a particular style and sometimes we might find it a little bit "boring", although "boring" is a very strong word. "Predictable" is maybe a better adjective.
And, since the brand is celebrating their twenty-fifth anniversary and they wanted to make a retrospective of all the shows they have presented, this could have been a show very similar to what we have seen before. Truth is, this time it was amazing! Obviously and thankfully, the essence of the brand was there but there was also a surprise element that is so important in the fashion business; it is what keeps all these markets alive.
Lubov and Max Azria were still very faithful to the brand's roots but they added a new ingredient that made all the diference. 
Their jackets were just flawless. I believe what I enjoyed the most was the overcoats. They just looked amazing on all the models. Both, coats and jackets, were oversized which gives such a cool vibe to all the looks. The bomber and the biker jackets are so in this Winter and, from what we could see, they will probably be a must have next Fall Winter again.
Besides the oversized coats and jackets, we also spotted ponchos and some clutches that could also turn into hand warmers (how great is that?).
The pallet of colors is very "Winter-like": a lot of grey, a lot of camel, nude, old pink, a splash of blue stripes.
We also did see a lot (seriously, a lot!) of fur (shearling, fox, raccoon and rabbit), which obviously enriched all the collection.
Overall, it was a beautiful show.




Fashion has been saying a lot of goodbyes lately. Not that we are not used to it, since we say goodbye to trends every six months...
But there are some goodbyes that are harder to say than others.
Even though this has already happened a while ago (just like I said on the Saint Laurent's post), 
I could not spend one more day without talking about the loss Louis Vuitton suffered.
Marc Jacobs and what he did for Louis Vuitton are definitely not easy to forget.
He gave Louis Vuitton's fashion shows the magic fashion shows should have.
His productions were flawless.
Louis Vuitton will miss Jacobs for sure.

His last collection was dark and had some of the most famous scenarios Jacobs used for his fashion shows. From the carousel, to the escalators, not forgetting the elevators, the big fountain or the hotel hall.
It was great show which we all will remember.

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Autumn always brings us darker colors but there is no way to not like it...

Victoria Beckham Dress; MICHAEL Michael Kors Dress; J Brand Pants; Kenzo Shoulder Bag; Illesteva Sunglasses; Moschino iPhone Cover




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The Burberry Prorsum fashion show is probably the one that best describes this fashion trend.
Animal prints are a must have!

Usually, I would tell you to be careful with the amount of animal prints you wear in only one look, but this season you are a bit more free to play around with it and have some fun.
Just pay attention to the accessories you choose, so it does not get too tacky.




I know it has already been a while since Yves Saint Laurent changed its iconic name to Saint Laurent Paris, but I couldn't pass one more day without expressing my sadness.
I know fashion is all about changes but a name is a name.
Who did not love the YSL logo on totes and clutches?
If the "Y" is not there anymore, how is it going to be? Only "SL"? Or "SLP"?

Picture from here

Paul Deneve, the CEO of the brand, justified the change by saying it is a celebration of their "legacy and heritage, while boldly marking their ambition for the future". He also claimed that the change will allow them to "return the fundamentals of YSL and revive the spirit and the intentions that reigned over the creation of "Saint Laurent Rive Gauche' in 1966: principles of youth, freedom and modernity".

I guess we will just have to get used to say "Saint Laurent" and say goodbye to the "Yves".




When I am asked what are the trends for this season, I always start by the coat and everybody stares at me like if I am stupid and in their minds there is this thought: "how could a coat not be a trend during winter?"

The thing is that, when you are into fashion as I am, or when your job is related to fashion, you see things changing. This year's coat is not last year's coat. Things change, but the changes are so little that you can barely tell the difference.

And because the differences are so little, for those of you who bought a coat last year, just wear it.
But for those of you who are considering of buying a new one, here are the two options you have:

Pictures from Style.com

On the one hand - there are the male coats which are bigger than your regular size and have straight lines which confers a very structured appearance to them - on the other hand, there are the girly coats which accentuate the women's curves; these are usually worn with a belt emphasizing the waist.
Both types of coats can be seen at almost any store, but the girly one is particularly seen at expensive stores.



It is true I only mentioned these two types of coats but there are much more trends related to overcoats, especially when it comes to colours.

If you are a fashion risk taker, here are some suggestions for your next coat:

Rochas; Zara; Topshop

Stella McCartneyZaraTopshop

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