We often hear people saying that our outside doesn't matter, only the inside counts. But please! Being well dressed is not that bad! I mean, where's the problem on you wearing the right clothes, with the right trends? I know where the problem is and it's not in the clothes. The problem is in people's mind. They don't really know the meaning of some words, expression or fashion habits. Like trend. What's a trend? I'm going to tell you guys now what it is. Trends are the guides of fashion. Fashion makes this guides for people to follow fashion. I mean, fashion doesn't "tell" you what your style is. It just "say" the trends that you can aply on your style. For exemple: you have a boudoir style. If the trend is to use red, you'll wear your boudoir dresses with the colour of red.
Another issue is that people don't know how to separate the runway outfits of the daily outfits. And that's another thing that i'm going to explain here. The runway outfits only give you trends, trends and trends. Well, you might have seen some runway outfits on the stores but i'm pretty sure that that wasn't haute couture. High fashion shows aren't supposed to make clothes for you to wear, only the prê-à-porter can do that.
You also may see hollywood stars wearing high fashion dresses. That's tottaly normal. But please, do not use it on a wedding or something like that. Leave it to the stars at the red carpet and just take notes of the trends.
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Aqui ficam algumas sugestões de looks para o ano novo.
Here are some suggestions of outfits for the new year.

Tudo no Net-à-Porter
Everything on Net-à-Porter

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O fim das colecções de Inverno chegou e as lojas começam a apresentar os primeiros saldos!
The end of the Winter collections has arrived and the stores start to present the first sales!


É verdade que uma ida aos saldos pode-se tornar na coisa mais chata de todo o sempre: não há o que gostamos, não há o nosso número, dá ideia que aquela camisola já foi experimentada por milhões de pessoas, etc
Mas o truque das grandes fashionistas é precisamente aproveitar os saldos. Esta é a altura ideal para comprar básicos. Sim! Aqueles básicos que nunca compramos porque não percebemos como é que um top custa 15€! Porque não aproveitar agora?! Agora que devem custar 5€!
Vou pôr aqui algumas imagens da colecção Pre-Fall 2011, para que já possam comprar algumas peças para o Inverno de 2011 sem gastar muito dinheiro. É verdade que ainda não há muitos must haves, mas já dá para definir um estilo.
It is true that sales may become the most annoying thing of all time: there isn't what we like, there isn't our size, it gives us the impression that that shirt has already been dressed by millions of people, etc.
But the trick of the great fashionistas is precisely to enjoy the sales. This is the perfect time to buy basics. Yes! Those basics that we never buy because we don't realize how a top costs 15 ! Why don't you take advantage now?! Now that they might cost 5 !

I'll post here some pictures of the Pre-Fall 2011 collection, so that you can buy some clothes for the winter of 2011 without spending too much money. It is true that there are not many must-haves, but at least you can define a style.

1º Estilo:
1st Style:

                                                                    3.1 Phillip Lim

Os looks parecem iguais!!! Calças largas, básico branco e casaco de cabedal. Provavelmente o cabedal vai continuar a ser tendência, e os casacos devem ser o must have. Aproveite agora para comprar o básico e as calças e invista mais tarde num bom casaco de cabedal.
The looks look the same!!! Wide pants, white basic and leather jacket. Probably the leather will continue to be a trend, and the jackets may be the must have. You should by the basic and the pants now, and make an investment on a really good leather jacket later.
Outros estilos:
Another styles:

                                                                      3.1 Phillip Lim


Boa Sorte nas compras!!!
Good Luck!!!

Images by Style.com

Spring/Summer colors

Aqui estão as cores a usar na próxima estação.
Here are the colors to use on the next season.