Well, this outfit may not be for the next season but it's perfect for that time when you don't know if it's Summer or a hot Fall day.

I choosed a Halston Heritage pink skirt, a Dolce & Gabbana bodysuit, an Anna Sui jacket, a Dolce & Gabbana clutch and Charlotte Olympia shoes. All the clothing pictures from this post and from the others is from Net-a-porter.com. The picture of the wavy hair is from here.

This look is kind of a mix between Summer and Fall. Thanks to God, this Winter is going to be about color! COLOR, COLOR, COLOR! So I decided to creat a look with the flower Summer pattern [which is actually going to be a Fall/Winter pattern again, YUPII] and the star pattern of this Winter. And [of course] I couldn't forget the long colorful skirt. This Fall/Winter is going to be amazing! Totally! [As americans like to say]

Have a nice Weekend!



For the next few days I will be posting some outfits for next season.
For today I choosed a J. CREW flowred dress, a DOLCE & GABBANA bag, Theyskens' Theory shoes. The picture is from STYLE.COM and it's a hairstyle from the GUCCI Fashion Show.

This Fall, flowers and stars are a THE must-have! Try to mix summer colors with darker colors. It looks amazing!




So I've been noticing that Zara has a lot of things [specially shoes] that look alike other brands.
Let's take a look!

The shoe in the left is a Stella McCartney shoe. That picture is from the Stella McCartney website. The shoes in the left are Zara shoes and that picture is from here.
Don't they look alike?

The shoes in the left are Valentino Shoes and that picture is from Net-a-porter.com. The shoes in the right are Zara shoes and the picture is from here.

I won't be posting anything for the next days.
Have a nice day!



Both young, both models. Now married. The wedding took place in Maiorca, Spain.



We just want to tell you guys that we will not post anything during the next seven days.
We will be on vacations but our eyes will be wide open to anything special to show you next time. Hope you're having such a great summer as we are.



Yesterday the Christian Dior Couture Collection was presented. It was amazing!!! I loved every single piece of it! At the end there was no Galliano but there were Susanna Venegas and Bill Gaytten. I think they did an excellent job. The collection still had the flavor of Dior and I think that's super important because when a designer is out everyone start questioning if the brand is still going to be as we were used and I think Dior is still Dior. I congrat Bill Gaytten for showing us such a beautiful work.

Pictures from Style.com

I have no more words to describe how proud I am. I'm speechless!



So yup the title says everything. Net-a-porter is on sales since last week but I've been waiting for the 70% reductions. Isn't this amazing?!?!
There were many things I wanted to buy but Portugal is on crisis and I can't spend money like that. So I started looking for pieces around 50€. The problem is that the shipping is around 30€ so a 50€ piece was no longer 50€ but 80€. So I started looking for pieces around 20€ and I found this gorgeous T by Alexander Wang Striped Jersey Top.

Picture fromNet-a-porter.com 

And look at the outfit!

Picture from Net-a-porter.com

And what about you? Do you like shopping on sales?


Bye John... Hey Bill!

Isn't this strange? John Galliano is no longer, as you know, the creative director of his own brand. In fact, the brand doesn't belong to him anymore. Bill Gaytten is now the new creative director.

Picture from ffw.com.br

I just want to say that I'm not happy with not having John as the creative director. I love his work and I'm truly sorry for what happened. I'm just hoping Bill Gaytten to do a great job, even though he's not John.