Nicholas K is not the kind of brand where you see "pretty" things but it is definitely the brand that will cheer you with the most edgy ones.
Christopher and Nicholas Kunz are not the typical designers that surprise the audience every single season. As Lauren Sherman said on Style.com, "it can be repetitive season upon season, but that doesn't mean it's not good". We can confirm it just by looking at their models. 
What distinguished this collection from the others, in other words, the newness of this collection was the use of denim.  The siblings used it pretty much and, according to Nicholas, they did it in their own way.
But where did they get their inspiration?
We don't even need to talk to any of them in order to understand what inspired them. Their collection talks by themselves: the Honneywell boots, the bunched sweatpants, the chunky cardigans, the nautical rope bracelets... Want more?
Their inspiration was very nautical. They basically retracted the "life of commercial fishermen", as Lauren Sherman said.
Their pallet was pretty much we are used to see, not only from them but from many designers, black, grey, white, navy blue, burgundy and brown.

All pictures from Style.com

The collection had a very urban vibe that we are so used to coming from these designers.


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