Fashion has been saying a lot of goodbyes lately. Not that we are not used to it, since we say goodbye to trends every six months...
But there are some goodbyes that are harder to say than others.
Even though this has already happened a while ago (just like I said on the Saint Laurent's post), 
I could not spend one more day without talking about the loss Louis Vuitton suffered.
Marc Jacobs and what he did for Louis Vuitton are definitely not easy to forget.
He gave Louis Vuitton's fashion shows the magic fashion shows should have.
His productions were flawless.
Louis Vuitton will miss Jacobs for sure.

His last collection was dark and had some of the most famous scenarios Jacobs used for his fashion shows. From the carousel, to the escalators, not forgetting the elevators, the big fountain or the hotel hall.
It was great show which we all will remember.

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  1. I loved his fashion shows!
    Love your blog xx