I know it has already been a while since Yves Saint Laurent changed its iconic name to Saint Laurent Paris, but I couldn't pass one more day without expressing my sadness.
I know fashion is all about changes but a name is a name.
Who did not love the YSL logo on totes and clutches?
If the "Y" is not there anymore, how is it going to be? Only "SL"? Or "SLP"?

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Paul Deneve, the CEO of the brand, justified the change by saying it is a celebration of their "legacy and heritage, while boldly marking their ambition for the future". He also claimed that the change will allow them to "return the fundamentals of YSL and revive the spirit and the intentions that reigned over the creation of "Saint Laurent Rive Gauche' in 1966: principles of youth, freedom and modernity".

I guess we will just have to get used to say "Saint Laurent" and say goodbye to the "Yves".


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