When I am asked what are the trends for this season, I always start by the coat and everybody stares at me like if I am stupid and in their minds there is this thought: "how could a coat not be a trend during winter?"

The thing is that, when you are into fashion as I am, or when your job is related to fashion, you see things changing. This year's coat is not last year's coat. Things change, but the changes are so little that you can barely tell the difference.

And because the differences are so little, for those of you who bought a coat last year, just wear it.
But for those of you who are considering of buying a new one, here are the two options you have:

Pictures from Style.com

On the one hand - there are the male coats which are bigger than your regular size and have straight lines which confers a very structured appearance to them - on the other hand, there are the girly coats which accentuate the women's curves; these are usually worn with a belt emphasizing the waist.
Both types of coats can be seen at almost any store, but the girly one is particularly seen at expensive stores.



It is true I only mentioned these two types of coats but there are much more trends related to overcoats, especially when it comes to colours.

If you are a fashion risk taker, here are some suggestions for your next coat:

Rochas; Zara; Topshop

Stella McCartneyZaraTopshop


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