Sunglasses: what an incredible piece!
Who would say that sunglasses would actually make a difference in our outfits?
Everyone should have a sample of it.
There are so many different styles you can adopt just by wearing a different  type.

Down below there are some examples of the different kinds of sunglasses you may found at the market.

1 - The Row 2 - Prada 3 - IAMITALIAN 4 - Thierry Lasry 5 - Miu Miu 6 - ZARA 
7 - Mango 8 - Prada 9 - Saint Laurent

This Summer you don't really have to be concerned about a particular trend because designers were not that picky on this and so shouldn't you. But one thing I've noticed is that there was a preference on the black rectangular sunglasses with appliques - Chanel and Prada are the perfect example of it.

Pictures from Style.com and from Chiarra Ferragni's instagram


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