I've been thinking about posting something about this fashion show for a long time. It was so amazing! When I first saw the carousel with all the models I almost died. It was beautiful. There are just a few designers who can prepare such a big show without "hiding" their collection behind all the scenarios. So, congratulations Marc Jacobs!

The collection was based on soft colours: blues, greens, yelows and pinks; and a bit of a dark blue.
It is feminin and chic. It is not the opposite of the last summer because it still has colour but it's more soft and more fresh.

Baby Blue 

 "Baby" Green


Dark Blue 

Something like Purple 


 Metallic Baby Blue

A bit of Black and White 



Ending up with Kate Moss 

And finally the artist: MARC JABOBS

All the pictures are from Style.com

Have a nice week!

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