MERHABA [Hi in Turkish]

I'm in Turkey again. Just for you to know, I'm Portuguese but my life is divided between Turkey and Portugal during the last, this and the next year.

I don't want this blog to get too personal. A lot of people post pics of them showing what they're wearing but I want this blog to be your online magazine. I want it to have a little bit of everything.

I couldn't resist showing you these pics!!! This time we went to Pamukkale! It was beautiful! I've never in my life seen something like this! There you can forget about your troubles, about your business, about everything that bothers you.

Pamukkale means "cotton castle" in Turkish.
The white "thing" that you see is not snow! It's limestone!

Our feet with limestone on it!

The view! Amazing!

These are the turkish ladies - they were working there, cleaning it.

And this is me rubbing the limestone in my leg.

I was wearing a blue dress from H&M. But I only had pics with my family and I didn't want the entire world to see them. My dress was something like this picture. This is a T-BAGS dress from Net-a-porter.com


Have a nice weekend!

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