Turkey - Day 2

It doesn't seem my second time here in Turkey. I feel like I am seeing things I have never seen in my life. Today we went to a market wich we have already been once. It was very funny to see all of those terrific dresses. They love sparklings and super high heels. I was also amazed with all the "genuine" fake brands. Dior, Gucci, Prada, Christian Louboutin! All fake but still amazing! Here they are not bothered if it's fake or not, if they like it they buy it and that's all. I like their relaxed mood. As Rachel Zoe says: "I die for it!". I actually didn't "die" for our lunch! Bilhac! It was disgusting! Hope to eat a bit better tonight.

So, this is the look I am wearing today:

All the images are from Net-a-porter.com

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