Minimalism is, as you guys know, one of the most out standing trends this season. So, I was thinking about buying a red shift dress and I found this gorgeous Calvin Klein dress:

Image from net-a-porter.com

...but when I looked at the price, I almost died! 1, 840€?!?!?! Are you kidding me?!?! Never in my life, I would spend so much  money in a dress, just because I like it and I might wear it on a wedding or something! So I started looking up for something else in the same gender, and I found this Mango beauty:

Image by Mango Campaign SS 2011

... it isn't very chip, but at least it ain't as expensive as the Calvin Klein one. For me this dress is a bit too long, but I might ask a tailor to cut it sort.

What do you guys think?
Take Care!

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