So, as you know, DSTONE Magazine was invited to go to ModaLisboa. We only had invitations for the fourth day but it was better than nothing!
Here are my thoughts about the VÍTOR Fashion Show and some of my fav outfits. Enjoy it!
[The pictures and movies are not ours. Because this was our first fashion show as a magazine, we decided to record everything but I guess our iTouch and our iPhone don't like fashion as we do, they didn't colaborate at all, so all of the material we had to show you is a mess. This is all taken from http://dailymodalisboa.blogspot.com/]


This show was one of our favorites. We've noticed in a lot of nudes, browns, dark blues and green blues. Wool was the fabric we've seen the most. And one thing I love: KNEE SOCKS!!! I guess jumpsuits are going to keep as a trend. I don't personally like them, but I confess that a tall woman looks terrific in an elegant jumpsuit. And the other type of clothing that also stood up was the vests. Leather vests, I guess.

In the next post I'll talk about the WHITE TENT Fashion Show.
Take Care!


  1. Molto bene! La vostra rivista è incredibile!
    Sto vivendo in Portogallo e anche andati a Moda Lisboa.

  2. Thanks very much. We really appreciate.