Excuse me the expression but the Christian Dior fashion show was a "heck" of a thing!
Don't really know if that gives me reason to like it or to dislike it.
In one hand, Simons tried to adapt his collection to the actual women; but, in the other hand, the collection was not that cohesive, in fact, it looked a bit messy.
On the report Tim Blanks made, he said: "It should be said that there were some today who saw chaos in need of an edit. They missed the point: The mix was everything".
So, I guess the idea was to make a cahotic show but with a porpose: fit all the women.
Raf Simons said himself: "If we don't adapt to what women in society are now about, couture might disappear".
I guess it is a bit hard for me and for some you to look at this new version of Dior, though I guess these changes are only trying to improve what started so many years ago.
At the end of the day, the majority of the pieces individually were really pretty and the impact Simons wanted to provoke was there.

Alexandre Vauthier, more than anything, designs sexy clothes. That is his signature.
This actually made him have some really big followers such as Rihanna or Beyoncé.
The main colors of the show were black, white, beige and a little bit of blue.
The sexiness Vauthier is looking for is beyond tackiness it is actually really elegant and chic.
Short or assymetric pieces gave the collection an edginess every women will love.

All pictures from Style.com


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