Eight days until Christmas!!! YEY!

Santa Claus is almost coming!

This post is perfect for two types of people:
1. For those who don't know what to ask Santa Claus for
2. For those who actually are the Santa Claus and don't know what to give to someone

Notice that the majority of the suggestions I'm posting are really expensive. 

I've got all the respect for those who CAN'T afford and for those who CAN.

So here are my suggestions:

The first bag is a Proenza Schouler iPAD case. I really like it because it totally reflects Proenza's essence on a technological gadget. It costs about 540€. You can find it here.
The second bag is a Bimba & Lola handbag. I love its colour and its shape. It costs about 172€ You can find it here.
The third bag is a Chloé handbag. It is way more expensive but few are the women who can resist to it. You can find a woman wearing it at all fashion weeks.There are many more colours. You just have to choose the perfect one. It is an actual classic. It costs about 1250€ and you can find it here.
Then, we've got the book Grace: A Memoir. It is a great book about Grace Coddington and written by herself. It costs about 21.60$ and you can find it here.
The Carolina Herrera's Eau de Parfum 212 VIP is also a great gift. It was one of my last Christmas' presents and I loved it. It has a great smell, super chic! What else to say? You can find it here.
The Gucci bracelet is just one more suggestion. It is a "simple" leather cuff plated with gold. It costs about 1052.26€ and you can find it here.
Last but not least, the Smythson Runway Notebook. I love it! If for any reason you're able to go to the most important fashion weeks out there, this notebook is a must! It costs about 115.88€ and you can find it here.

Firstly, we've got my economic choice which is the Moschino iphone case. It costs about 35€ (yes, only two digits!) and you can find it here.
Secondly, we've got the famous black Loubountins pumps. They are super comfy, classic and beautiful. Definitely a must! This pair of shoes costs about 845€ and you can find it here.
The Tiffany & Co ring was also one of my choices. It is so simple but so beautiful. It costs about 350$ and you can find it here.
The famous Isabel Marant sneakers couldn't be out of this list. The world went nuts with these sneakers. Fashion weeks were all about these sneakers. All thanks to the amazing Isabel Marant. This pair of shoes costs about 395€ and you can find it here.
The Proenza Schouler handbag is another classic. It costs about 1995€ and you can find it here.
Finally, the Burberry trench coat. Super famous around the fashion world. Everybody wants one. It costs about 1495€ and you can find it here.


Charlotte Olympia at net-a-porter.com


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