Remember the hula hoop bags at the Chanel fashion show?

The most heard question was: how the hell am I going to wear that?
And it is a fair question, since we're talking about an enormous circle bag.
I can only imagine two people not having a problem wearing those bags and even looking good - Lady Gaga and Anna Dello Russo. [Feel free to say more names!]

This bag became an it bag right at the moment when Sigrid Agren [ELITE] walked into the runway.
But nobody was sure if this bag would ever be in sale at the Chanel stores. Not many people were interested on wasting their money in something they could not wear, not even once. 
The truth is that even though it is an iconic piece, it is not practical.
But the Fashion Kaiser thinks about everything. Lagerfeld decided to also make a mini version of this bag.
Now, with 24 centimetres, the iconic bag with a double c is arriving to every Chanel stores.

Pictures from style.com


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  1. That bag is amazing! I would buy it and use it as a luggage bag for trips, it would take up some room but worth it.