This collection, when it comes to colours, does not scream Summer, but the satin pieces help refreshing this collection which is so rich in autumnal colours.

Beige and cream, different  greens, oranges, blues and black 
were the colours chosen by this brand.

The Nicholas K woman for next summer is someone whose style is easy, 
relaxed, but also chic.

The majority of the pieces is fluid, not to tight, made of light materials 
and has a charming movement.

To slightly define the silhouette there are some looks styled with a thin belt.

About the anoraks, I love what Maya Singer says about it on Style.com: 

"Elsewhere in the women's collection, Kunz largely reiterated her recurring themes—lots of draping, and lots of experimentation with parkas and anoraks. (Is an anorak still an anorak when it has a poncho-like draped knit body? Comments welcome from any philosophy majors reading this.)" 

Even if there isn't a concrete definition for that, the truth is that it rocked the runway. 
But wil it rock the streets?

All models had their head covered with some sort of berets and their forearms were covered with sleeves for forearms.

Even though it is not a collection for everybody, Nicholas K has enlarged the number of its fans.

 Pictures from Style.com

Have a nice Weekend!


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