Hey guys! Hope you're doing OK.
I've got a few things to tell you.

1st thing I want to say
For now on we will start posting more things. We have been a little bit busy with school and stuff but now we are ready to focus only on this project [and on our holidays, of course!]
2nd thing
We said we were going to make an ABC for this summer but we have only made the letters A, B and C and I think I should start talking about fall winter before it comes, right?
So the ABC is going to have three letters only: A, B and C. Maybe we will post other letters but just maybe. The pictures are all chosen but we need to edit and I don't think we need to have so much work on something that is only going to last three months. But if there is anything that you really would like to see, ask us. We love to answer your needs.
3rd thing
We have a TWITTER and a FACEBOOK account! Please follow us! :D
4th thing
Have you seen the Louboutin collection?!?! Here are some pictures from Vogue Portugal

Have a nice rest of weekend!

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  1. Absolutamente magníficos! Gostaria de ter um par... pelo menos!:)