I've been working on a post about shoes for this Spring/Summer and I remembered that my grandmother has a  shoes collection which I love! So today I decided to show you a little, little, little small part of her collection.

These are some of the shoes that make part of this amazing collection.

Black Shoes with a silver strip - 80s

Floral print shoes - my grandmother bought this pair to use on her silver anniversary - 1993

Brown Shoes with a thick heel - my grandother gave me this gorgeous pair last summer - 19??

Black Shoes with golden rings - 19??

Brown Shoes with a thin heel - this pair look like the one that my grandmother gave me, but the heel is different - 199?

Black Shoes with a silver strip - this pair belongs to my great grandmother - 19??

Bridal Shoes - this pair is the pair that my grandmother used on her wedding - 1968

Red Shoes with golden draws - 19??

That's all for now.
Take care :D

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