We often hear people saying that our outside doesn't matter, only the inside counts. But please! Being well dressed is not that bad! I mean, where's the problem on you wearing the right clothes, with the right trends? I know where the problem is and it's not in the clothes. The problem is in people's mind. They don't really know the meaning of some words, expression or fashion habits. Like trend. What's a trend? I'm going to tell you guys now what it is. Trends are the guides of fashion. Fashion makes this guides for people to follow fashion. I mean, fashion doesn't "tell" you what your style is. It just "say" the trends that you can aply on your style. For exemple: you have a boudoir style. If the trend is to use red, you'll wear your boudoir dresses with the colour of red.
Another issue is that people don't know how to separate the runway outfits of the daily outfits. And that's another thing that i'm going to explain here. The runway outfits only give you trends, trends and trends. Well, you might have seen some runway outfits on the stores but i'm pretty sure that that wasn't haute couture. High fashion shows aren't supposed to make clothes for you to wear, only the prê-à-porter can do that.
You also may see hollywood stars wearing high fashion dresses. That's tottaly normal. But please, do not use it on a wedding or something like that. Leave it to the stars at the red carpet and just take notes of the trends.
Hope you've liked it.

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